How To Let Your House Faster

This week our lettings manager, Joe, discusses a real life example of a landlord increasing the rent on a property by 35% and managing to let this property within just one day. He talks about the benefits of properly maintaining a property, and how cosmetic improvements can have a huge difference on your return on investment as a landlord.

The North Manchester Rental Property Market continues to boom and demand is at a never before seen level, as an independent agent, Joe is helping landlords across the city realise the potential of their investments and achieve maximum returns. You can see more videos like this on our youtube channel:

To talk further with Joe about Investing in property in North Manchester, call him on 0161 681 3724 or drop him an email



DSS or Dogs?

Yesterday a very intersting article was published on the BBC website: No DSS: Most flat shares refuse benefit claimants

It claims that landlords are twice as likely to accept potential tenants who own pets than people who claim benefits.

The article goes on to look at the case of one particular tenant, Eva, who is a single parent, working full time but having her low wage subsidised by Housing Benefit. Day in day out we come across numerous people like Eva, hard working, honest people who have become victims of a stereotype and face discrimination due to their circumstances. We do not recommend or condone lying about your circumstances to obtain a rental property, often with our tenants it is the case that we can sit down and work together to agree affordability and help find a suitable property, as we understand the local market and our landlords tend to be receptive to tenants in receipt of benefits.

The private rented sector has doubled in size since 2002 and now accounts for 20% of all UK households, recent cuts in welfare means benefit payments in many parts of Manchester no longer cover the rest.

You can see our thoughts below on this short video regarding renting to people on housing benefit


Every week our Lettings Manager, Joe, makes a short video in response to enquiries throughout the week, if you’re interested in viewing more of our videos you can do so on our YouTube Channel

£13.8bn – The Value of The North Manchester Property Market

“How Much Would it Cost To Buy All The Houses and Flats in North Manchester?”

This fascinating question was posed by the 11-year-old son of one of my landlords when they both popped into my offices. At the time I didn’t have an answer for him, instead throwing my hands in the air I smiled and vaguely answered “hundreds of millions”. I hadn’t ever thought about the total value of the market, so I thought to myself that it would be interesting to sit down and calculate what the total value of all the properties in North Manchester are worth.

Now this isn’t something that you can just google lightly and ping receive an answer, you can readily find information on house prices and trends, you can find population data on a city wide basis and lots of vague demographics dotted around, but nothing readily prepackaged to tell you 1) how many houses are in an area and 2) what the values of those houses are. It took me considerably more work than I first anticipated and became a bit of a mission for me to solve this problem.

I started with the city council, then went to the office for national statistics, then pulled census data and land registry files. I quickly found myself with reams upon reams of data which all gave lots of clues, but no definitive answer.

When I delved into the numbers, the first thing I found was that the average price currently being paid for a North Manchester property stands at £99,229.  Which seemed a little low, so I split the property market down into individual property types in North Manchester; the average numbers come out like this.


Curious as to how the figure settled at £99,229 I then looked at the distribution of the types of homes in North Manchester, and found this:


Working out of Moston, and area heavily packed with street upon street of terraced houses, I wasn’t too surprised to see terraced houses dominating the statistics for North Manchester. However, what was initially surprising was the figure for the number of flats.

I initially wrote this figure off as being inflated by bedsits, converted homes, flats above shops and some of the larger mixed use commercial buildings. However, I chose to dig a little deeper into the distribution of the types of flats in North Manchester and this is what I found:


Although, from working in the North Manchester property market for the best part of my life, I did appreciate there were a fair number of flats, I hadn’t until now got my head around the fact that there were just shy of 28,000 flat in the area, of which over 24,500 were within custom built blocks or tenements.


A cool £2.1bn could bag you ALL of the flats in North Manchester. Sitting at the lowest price point the local flats are offering astounding returns on investment as rental properties and are in very high demand with the young professional market.

If you happen to be a multi billionaire, check down the back of your sofa, in that pair of jeans that you don’t wear but are hanging onto incase they fit again or in an old coat pocket- if you happen to find a spare £2.1bn give us a call and we’ll talk about investments.

If you’re not a multi billionaire, and like me you’re just a regular person trying to save for the future and provide security for your family this information may seem pie in the sky, but I promise there is a point to it all.

What does this all mean for North Manchester Investors?  

Well as we enter the unchartered waters of 2017 and beyond, even though property values are already declining in certain parts of the London property market, the outlook in North Manchester remains relatively good as over the last five years, the local property market was a lot more sensible than central London’s.

North Manchester house values will remain resilient for several reasons.  Firstly, demand for rental property remains strong with continued immigration and population growth.  Secondly, with 0.25 per cent interest rates, borrowing has never been so cheap and finally the simple lack of new house building in North Manchester not keeping up with current demand, let alone eating into years and years of under investment – means only one thing – yes it might be a bit of a bumpy ride over the next 12 to 24 months but, in the medium term, property ownership and property investment in North Manchester has always, and will always, ride out the storm.


How the EU Referendum is Affecting Manchester Property Prices

The UK’s referendum on whether the country should remain a part of the European Union or leave, which took place at the end of June, has had far-reaching effects in many sectors, and recent figures reveal it’s impacting on property prices throughout the country. Fifty-two percent of those who voted chose to vote Leave, dividing the country, as well as towns, families and neighbourhoods. The long-term effects are still not known, but it appears areas where people voted to leave the EU have been hit hardest in terms of the property market. In fact, of the 47 cities and towns that experienced falling house prices just after the referendum, around 85% voted Leave.

In the year leading up to the referendum, England property prices rose by just over 9% on average. However, figures from July – the first full month after the referendum – revealed that the month-on-month rise had fallen to a far lower 0.4%. The referendum appears to have affected different parts of the country to varying degrees, with many analysts noting that areas that voted to leave the European Union have tended to suffer the most dramatic falls in property prices. While Manchester voted to remain in the EU, some parts of the region voted to leave. These Brexit supporting towns and districts have been the hardest hit by the slow down in house price rises.

Government data reveals that property prices in 47 cities and towns actually dropped immediately after the referendum, and a staggering 40 of these places were among those that voted to exit the EU. One such example is Rochdale, part of Greater Manchester. Rochdale residents voted in favour of leaving the Union, and the town saw a drop in average house prices of over £1,200 in the month after the vote. Similarly, Bury, where just over half of local residents voted in favour of leaving the EU, the average house fell in price by over £1,100.

The government figures also revealed that 278 towns and cities covered by their research saw house prices rise or stay at the same level as before the vote. Of these 278, just 74% had voted to leave the EU. As well as Manchester itself, places such as Stockport and Trafford also voted Remain. All three experienced house price increases in July – £2,222 in Manchester, an impressive £4,000 in Stockport, and £1,344 in Trafford.

The Brexit supporting districts and towns surrounding Manchester may have experienced some falls in property prices in the aftermath of the referendum, but data reveals that it was the north-east of the country that was hit hardest by falling prices. For example, Ribble Valley returned a vote for Leave in the referendum and saw prices drop by nearly £8,000.

Analysts and property industry experts generally believe it is too early to assess what the long-term impact of the referendum result will be, but many are in agreement that those areas that have been hardest hit have so far tended to be those that voted to leave the European Union. Many property experts believe it is likely that house prices will fall in 2017, eventually possibly recovering in the following year.

If you are currently looking to enter the rental property market as a landlord, it’s important to choose your location carefully. This is often fairly straightforward if you live in or near the area you’re planning to buy in, but it can be very difficult if you’re looking further afield for a rental property. The area you choose to buy in will of course depend on your budget and on your target rental market, and while the impact of the referendum result is yet to be fully understood, it’s worth bearing in mind that there might be a fall in EU migrants in the coming months and years. If you were planning to buy in an area with a high proportion of EU workers – for example, near a large hospital where many of the staff are migrant workers – it’s worth bearing in mind that competition among landlords may heat up in the near future. The most sensible course of action is to follow property news – both national and local – and ensure you’re fully informed before you take the plunge.

Becoming a landlord can be an extremely lucrative decision, and property remains one of the best and safest ways to invest. Keeping abreast of Moston property news, and all the local property market developments, will enable you to make the best decisions and enjoy the maximum returns on your investment.

Buy-to-let Mortgages: Bad and Good News

Telegraph Money has been highlighting the plight of buy-to-let investors who have mortgages from lenders that are no longer in business. Many of these mortgages are at uncompetitive rates and the borrowers are at risk of being stuck with them for life, thanks to much stricter lending rules being brought in by the Bank of England.

Elsewhere on this site we’ve discussed the impact of these rules, but this is a new light on a possibly unintended – and certainly undesirable – effect of the stringent new lending regime which the Bank has imposed.

To be fair, the Bank has clearly said that the new regulations should not be imposed on borrowers with existing mortgages who only want to switch to a new deal and don’t want to increase the size of their loan.

Unfortunately, lenders are already making it clear that they don’t want to take on borrowers who can’t meet the new lending criteria, even if they are only looking for a remortgage of their existing borrowing.

This could mean that thousands of borrowers can’t get off the high rates that they are on, when getting off these rates could mitigate the effect of the higher taxes that there are also having to bear on their buy-to-let income.

Telegraph Money spoke to Nationwide, who are the second-biggest buy-to-let lender. Nationwide told them that it isn’t accepting remortgage business from other lenders unless the loan meets the new, more stringent regulations put in place by the Bank of England. It has increased its threshold for the amount that landlords need to have in income. They are now going to need to be getting 145% of their mortgage costs in rent. For years, this percentage was 125%.

Lloyds is the biggest buy-to-let lender and as yet it is remaining tight-lipped over whether borrowers who are seeking a remortgage out of a higher interest rate from another lender, will be allowed to apply under the previous criteria. Apparently, Lloyds is monitoring the market and keeping its policy under review so that it can ensure that borrowers have enough protection.

Luckily, the buy-to-let mortgage market is a diverse one as some of the landlords involved in M9 lettings can testify. Some of the smaller lenders appear to be having a rethink about their lending policies. Barclays and Yorkshire building society are both reviewing their attitude towards people who are remortgaging – until recently they would have allowed these mortgages through on the previous terms.

Simon Checkley, from Private Finance, a firm of mortgage brokers, is reported as saying that the Bank of England has actually allowed lenders to accept customers who want to remortgage from other firms. He’s hoping that lenders will take up this opportunity.

The buy-to-let borrowers who are in the worst position are those with loans from mortgage companies that are no longer in the mortgage market. These companies include Cheltenham and Gloucester and Mortgage Express. These customers cannot get a new deal with their existing lender and if larger lenders are put off lending to them by the Bank of England restrictions, these borrowers are stuck with the loans they’ve got. The real problems are tending to occur when borrowers who took out a mortgage on a fixed-rate deal get to the end of the fixed-rate term and are transferred by the lender to a standard variable rate. Many of them will find that they are paying well in excess of 5%. This is much higher than the rates on offer for borrowers who can meet the new, stricter criteria for lending.

In effect, these people are therefore mortgage prisoners. So is there any good news at all on the buy to let mortgage front? Well yes there is, actually.

One of the specialist lenders, Together, has cut its rates on buy-to-let mortgages so they are now below 7% on loan-to-value ratios of up to 65%. They’ve also announced a new fixed-rate five-year buy-to-let mortgage and upped the maximum amount they will lend to £500,000.

They pride themselves on not using the “computer says no” approach to landlords that is so common among other lenders. They say that a big part of their success in marketing buy-to-let mortgages has been that they acknowledge that no two borrowers are the same.

So when it comes to mortgages in the buy to let market, there’s good news and bad news – but when was that ever not true?

Map shows Manchester ‘property boom’

Student and property enthusiast Ed Howe has created an interactive online map showing all projects currently under construction or proposed in and around Manchester city centre, to demonstrate the clusters of development activity.

Howe is studying for a master’s degree in city planning at Newcastle University and is originally from Salford.

The colour-coded map indicates the locations of proposed buildings, as well as those projects that have been granted planning permission or are under construction. The map also includes transport schemes and masterplan areas.

Click here to view Howe’s Manchester Development Map

Howe said: “I think Manchester is pretty special at the moment, as a city we’re starting to attract a lot of investment and cranes are beginning to bounce up onto the skyline once again, constructing skyline-altering schemes.

“It can be quite difficult to imagine, or remember, all these different developments and I think my map makes Manchester’s regeneration and property boom accessible to the people who actually live here. They can just go on the map, click one of the pointers and find out what’s happening there. My map also shows how Manchester’s built urban core (city centre) will expand in the coming years. We’ve a lot of development frameworks and masterplans around the edge of the city centre, which is currently derelict or underused land unwelcoming to most people. Hopefully, with some thought into quality of design, these developments will push the urban core out enough to start benefitting the traditionally quite detached inner city areas.

“Clearly most of it is taking place in the city centre, but it’s clear to see clusters forming around St Peter’s Square and Victoria/Piccadilly. Transport nodes are seemingly ‘where it’s at’ in terms of property development, and this can only be a good thing in terms of the city’s overall sustainability. Other clusters have formed around Salford Quays and, interestingly, Ordsall, which I believe will become very active in the next 10 years due to it being sandwiched in between the city centre, Salford Quays and the development areas at Middlewood Locks/Central Salford and Pomona. If there’s anywhere to buy property in the city at the moment, I would put my money on Ordsall.

“Some people will be astonished at the number of apartments currently being built or proposed across the city. There are currently just over 4,000 apartments under construction across the city centre, Salford, Hulme and Trafford, nearly 2,000 of those are in the city centre and quite a few of them are conversions of the upper floors of older buildings. All the scaffolding you have to walk under around Deansgate/King St area is mainly because they’re working on the upper floors. Other than that it’s large-scale developments like the one at Cambridge Street by Renaker, which is providing 282 new apartments, or Two Greengate in Salford, also by Renaker, providing nearly 500 apartments altogether.

“If we were to count up all the apartments which are either under construction or holding a planning application within a 2.5-mile radius of the Town Hall, so taking in the city centre, Salford Quays, New Islington, Hulme, that number comes to 16,731 new apartments. If we roughly multiply that by number of bedrooms, it’s a population explosion of about 40,000 people into the urban core. That’s going to provide new shops, restaurants and public services which will, in turn, provide thousands more jobs for people in the inner areas. I’m a strong believer that residential projects in the centre of cities are catalytic in terms of regeneration and Manchester is a case study for that.

“There’s also over 1m square feet of office space under construction in the city centre and central Salford at the minute. Again, this will provide lots more jobs although we’re still building far too little office space which is why businesses in central Manchester now pay the highest rents of any other northern city.”

– See more at:

We Support a Judicial Review of Clause 24

Brentwood Lettings is very proud to support a new campaign against the unfair and unjust Clause 24.

Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper are co-leading a legal challenge against the Conservative Government via a process known as a “Judicial Review”.

Judicial Review of Clause 24 (Alice in Wonderland Tax Grab) is aimed at disallowing the perfectly legitimate finance costs (including mortgage interest), of individuals who own and operate buy to let properties in their own name but excludes the same for institutions, corporations, wealthy cash buyers and overseas landlords.

If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:


clause 24


This Clause 

The Government wishes to continue to tax not just the rental ‘profits’, but will now not allow individual investors to offset the main cost of arriving at that taxable profit, namely the mortgage finance costs.

If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:



What’s at stake?

EVERY single business in the UK is allowed to offset their total costs against their income before being taxed (on their profit). The Summer Budget changes this very fundamental and important business principle.

However, it only does so in a way that just discriminates against individual buy to let business owner-operators, who have mortgages/finance costs.

As a result of this change, many thousands of people will find themselves being taxed on loss-making buy-to-let properties, see massive increases in the percentage of tax payable and many will find that they will be pushed upwards into a higher tax bracket, even though they may well not be making a single penny of extra profit!

We want to bring back a level playing field in the private rented sector to challenge the advantage the government is giving to institutional and corporate investors, overseas property buyers and cash-purchasing landlords, none of whom are affected by Clause 24.

In the words of Philip Booth, a Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics at St. Mary’s University:

“To put it quite bluntly, this is an elementary undergraduate public finance error that should not be made in the Treasury.”

A member of ICAEW commented;

“It is a long established principle of taxation that expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business are deductible when calculating the taxable profits. Clause 24 of the Summer 2015 Finance Bill contravenes that principle and will result in proprietors of property businesses being liable to tax on a fictitious profit – even if the proprietors really make a loss.

The tax change does not just affect new borrowings. Landlords with existing borrowings will be affected. Portfolio landlords will be particularly badly hit.

As a consequence of the tax change, major changes in the private sector will take place. Some landlords will pass on their increased tax by increasing rents. Others will be forced to sell, as they will not be in a position to pay the extra tax demanded by HMRC. Homelessness will increase as some tenants will not be able to afford higher rents and many will be evicted by landlords forced to sell”.

Steve Bolton, who is spear-heading the legal fight on behalf of his 250 strong network of PPP landlords and thousands of other investors, commented:

“It’s not clear why the Government has chosen to just launch an attack on buy-to-let owner-operators with mortgages. It’s a tax from Alice in Wonderland – truly absurd and divorced from real life. Not only is this tax grab unfair, undemocratic and underhanded, but we believe that it could also be unlawful.”

The lawyers supporting Steve Bolton and other interested parties believe that there may be a basis in Human Rights and European law where this can be challenged and over-turned via the courts.

If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:



What’s the next step:


The campaign is seeking a “judicial review”, which is a type of court proceeding where a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action taken by a public body (in this case the Conservative Government).

Specifically we are challenging Clause 24 of the Finance Bill 2015, which we believe unlawfully breaches human rights and/or European Union law.


What are the steps and likely timings for a judicial review action?

Screenshot 2015-12-27 14.53.51

Raising £50,000 of funding – as soon as possible

A “pre-action protocol letter” setting out our case to be sent to the Government in January 2016 (latest);

An application for judicial review to be filed with the court in February 2016;

The Government then has 21 days to respond to the application by filing a defence;
If permission is granted, a 1-3 day hearing would then be scheduled by the court and a decision would be made

If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:



The legal team:


Mrs Cherie Blair CBE, QC and Sarah Hannett Omnia Strategy LLP.



If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:


Individuals affected by Clause 24 if it results in landlords leaving or not investing further in the private rented sector:

Lettings agents
BTL lenders
Mortgage brokers
Insurance providers
EPC providers
Suppliers of products and services to the lettings sector – including digital products such as property management software.
Furniture providers (HMOs)


If you would like to lend your support to this campaign please visit:



Camberwell Park School Completion Date Set

We have been excitedly watching the developments at the new site for Camberwell Park Specialist Support School, from our offices on Moston Lane.

Headteacher Mary Isherwood said pupils and staff were relishing the prospect of moving to their new home. She said: “Our whole school community is delighted to be having a new school building in Moston. Being in Moston will give our children lots of new opportunities including close links with the local schools and other community groups.The new school building and its grounds will also provide us with enhanced and new facilities to ensure we can continue to give our children the outstanding education they deserve.”

With completion due on the 18th December, the school anticipates to begin moving pupils in from January 2016. The schools twitter feed is posting regular updates on the latest developments at the site and their plans for relocation. Here are the latest photos courtesy of the Headteacher via twitter.

CR8I5OGWsAAiPIIAccording to the latest report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), buyers will pay an average 8% premium on a home that is located within the catchment area of a so-called ‘good school’. The excellent brand new facilities at Camberwell Park School, along with its outstanding reputation make Camberwell Park School one of the most sought after provisions for SEN pupils.

Moston is increasingly becoming a more sought after area for both buyers and renters, and the addition of this school to the area will be a big boost in terms of the facilities Moston can offer to families.

All the staff at Brentwood Lettings would like to wish everyone at Camberwell Park School all the best with their move and we would like to welcome them to Moston as part of our lovely community.

We wish everyone the best of success and will always be available should anyone at the school need any assistance with any aspect of housing.


Lettings Agency Fee’s

Since 27th May 2015 it has been a legal requirement that all letting agents must publish full details of their fees and charges. Ours can be found here for Landlords and here for tenants. Letting agents must publish full details of their fees and charges on their websites and prominently display them in all their offices where they deal face to face with customers.

However, some letting agents’ websites do not make it easy for you to see the fees they are charging. Aside from the usual, expected, costs, there may also be other hidden charges that landlords and tenants may not be aware of. The description of what each fee covers and how it is calculated must be clear so you can understand the service and costs covered.

If a letting agent doesn’t show its fees or make them clear you can contact the local council who are responsible for enforcement with fines on the agent of up to £5,000.

Amy Andrew from This is Money spoke to experts at Shelter and easyProperty to find out more about fees so landlords and tenants have the information they need to avoid being overcharged letting agent’s fees. The full article on the Daily Mail website can be read here

We carried out some local research and were surprised by what we found. We typed into google “moston letting agent” and took a look at the first 20 agents website that appeared – we ignored zoopla, on the market, rightmove etc etc and just looked at the websites for our 19 most local competitors (we were the extra one)

Of the 20 agents operating in this area a staggering 13 of them, that’s 65%, have NOT published any of their fee’s on their website, despite it being a legal requirement and them being liable for a £5000 fine.


If an agent is not publishing their fee’s, as they have been told to do, are they being lazy, ignorant or are they wilfully ignoring the law?

Whichever the three scenario’s, would you be happy leaving your property in the hands of an agent who is guilty of any of the above sins? I wouldnt!

In terms of fee’s, we could obviously only take a small sample of data, as so many agents have chosen not to publish their fees. But of the 7 local agents we found, we first looked at their Let Only Fee’s.

To make the comparisons fair we added up all the additional costs lurking around so each agent was offering for a 2 bed property at £550pcm:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Tenant Find
  • Tenant Referencing
  • Deposit Collections and Protection
  • Drawing Up Tenancy Agreement
  • Move in Inventory

Our fee for this basic service is £300 inc VAT below are all the fee’s we found:


As you can see fee’s range from £300 upto £660 for this single service. We didn’t inflate figures or stretch ourselves down to London to try and shock, all these agents are operating within a couple of miles of our office and these are the fee’s they are charging you just for a simple Let Only Service.

Completing the same exercise for a managed property was a little more complex, but don’t worry, we did it for you.

Sadly when looking further into FULL fee’s we lost another four of our agents, pushing our total of non compliance to the law to a whopping 85% of local agents have no published full fee’s for their landlords.

How did we lose 4 more agents to make this 85%? They were not publishing FULL fee’s, its all good saying what your setup and your commission fee are, but why aren’t the agents publishing their routine maintenance costs, gas safety, epc, electrical inspections etc? How can a landlord compare like with like, when there is so much secrecy?

Again, ask yourself why aren’t these agents publishing their fees? Is it ignorance of their legal obligations? Is it that they don’t want you to know their fees? Or is it simply that they cannot be bothered to update their website? Whatever the reason, do you want to work with these agents who are either lazy, ignorant or downright unlawful?

Our four remaining agents now went head to head with each other looking at total expected fee’s over the course of 12 months on a 2 bed property fetching £550pcm and having all its annual checks. here are our overall results:


There isnt a great difference between the 3 agents in terms of costing over the year, the difference in rates is about 9% – but thats only from the 3 agents out of 20 who actually published full rates, in accordance with the law. If we get the time to snoop around further it would be really interesting to find out what the real variety in fees is around Moston and East Manchester.


We obviously cannot publish the names of the agents who are not complying to legal requirements and any updates we receive we will endeavour to use to keep this information accurate.

What are your thoughts on this?

We Now Accept Online Rent Payments

There are many advantages to renting your home via Brentwood Lettings. We pride ourselves on being a specialist lettings agency, focused on providing the best quality service to both our tenants and our landlords and passionate about property.

Our properties are spread all across North and East Manchester and our friendly team at our base in Moston work hard to ensure that everything in your property runs smoothly. Our latest addition to our new website is our Pay Rent Online Page.

Our new and improved website is not only a showcase for our rental properties, it is our chance to remain engaged with both our tenants and our landlords, and another medium through which we can provide excellent customer service.

Over recent months you may have noticed that we’ve made many changes to the look and feel of our website. We are working hard to implement positive changes based on the feedback of both our landlords and our tenants. Our website is updated daily with new properties, we aim to respond to all website enquiries within one working day, we have made our website more accessible for mobile and tablet users and we have created a place for tenants to report faults/repairs.

Now our latest addition to the website is our Pay Rent Online Page. This page does as it says on the tin, it allows tenants to make rent payments via our website. It has been a much requested feature and we are proudly the first local and independent lettings agency to have implemented this ability.

All payments are securely handled by our payment partner, WorldPay, and our simple and straightforward payment process means that you can keep on top of your rent payments from your laptop, your tablet and even from your phone.

You can pay your rent directly to Brentwood Lettings via our website. See our Pay Rent Online Page to pay. We are dedicated to providing first class customer service to all of our landlords and tenants and we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our service to you. If you have a suggestion or an idea, please feel free to Contact Us and let us know

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kenyon lane

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