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Services for Investors

If you find that you are short on time or if you live far away from Manchester. Feel free to use our wealth of knowlege and experience to help you to value potential investments.

We offer a service were you can send us details of property’s you have found on the property’s portals that you think fit your investment strategy.

We will give you our opinion on achievable rents and likely selling prices (if in auction) and after we report this to you then you can choose which ones you want us to visit. This is a desktop report using our knowledge of the area. The cost of this initial service is £70+vat for up to ten property’s. This should give you an idea of which property’s you choose to move forward with.

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We can then arrange a viewing on a property and give you a more in depth report and watsapp video of the property. It will include an estimate we consider needs spending on it to bring it up to rental standard and the amount of rent achievable. This is charged at £100+vat per property.

This is not a structural report and is only our opinion and obviously depends on the access to all areas. This must not replace a surveyors report. You are then free to then negotiate the purchase of the property with the vendor/estate agent or proceed as you see fit.

Should you purchase a property using this method and then let us carry out the works or instruct us to manage it for you we will reimburse the cost you have paid us in respect of this property.

These services must be paid for in advance, please contact us for further details.

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