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Tenant Guide

Finding a property to rent can be a stressful experience if you are not prepared. Our agents have experienced both sides of this experience; as both tenants and letting agents.

As a tenanant you are looking for a property which offers you a secure new home that you can feel secure in. We make it our mission to find you the perfect home, that will be to your taste and at a price that wont put you over budget we also have our own in house maintenence team that can handle any issues.

When renting a property it is important to to know exactly what you want and balance that with what you can afford. We have gathered a few simple pointers to help you with the process:

1. Budget

Realistically, you should consider 'what can you afford?' It would be a good idea to know what the absolute top-end of your budget is and not to look at properties available at rents that exceed that figure.
Renting a property that is above your budget will only lead to stress and financial strain. Save yourself the hassle - go for a property that is slightly less than the top-end of your budget.

2. Location

Really consider where you want to live. A longer commute to work may not seem such a good idea after 6 months. Also consider that some areas are more expensive than others and you may have to compromise to stay within your budget.

3. Think about the future

Moving every 6 months can be quite expensive and not without hassle. When you are choosing a property to rent you should consider many factors that may change in your life, in the near future. Are you planning to change employment or start a family etc. Try to choose a property that will not only fit with your life now but also in the near future.

4. Learn about being a tenant

It is very important for you to be fully informed about your new home and what your choices are rights are. At Brentwood we are glad to share our knowlege and keep our tenants informed. If you have any questions just ask!

For indepth information regarding 'How to Rent' the government has complied a leaflet of information to help tenants, we have provided a link to the resource below:

How to Rent Government Publication link.

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